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The idea of translating the book into English came up during the collaboration for the research activity and revising of the Italian book “Impresa e diritto” written by Prof. Dr. Luciano Matteo Quattrocchio and Dr. Bianca Maria Omegna. It’s been published by the same publisher as the Italian version. Throughout the course of my professional and academic experiences I had the chance to understand some of the needs related to professionals and foreign scholars, which were not completely satisfied. Having at one’s disposal a detailed translated text of the studied topic is certainly a benefit. Not only referred to well known regulations, which have been already widely explained, but mainly to those who have less business appeal caused by our actual country’s economic downturn. The English version allows different legal systems to have a better understanding of our business law giving law operators and foreign scholars interesting insights on our legal framework. It’s also useful for professionals and Italian scholars who can use the translated content for their work requirements and business research. And at the same time it’s valuable for Italian and foreign students who are attending the course in English. The text has been written based on various students’ requirements which have emerged during my cooperation at the Advanced corporate Law course at School of Management and Economics-University of Turin. It should be pointed out that the translation of the book is not mere literal. The main intention has been to simplify the Italian business law concepts in order for every nationality to have a better understanding of our legal language and also for better understanding of examples given from experts and teachers of the field. To facilitate the reading of the text a well detailed glossary containing key words has been provided. And next to the cardinal words the Italian translation has been written as well for the purpose of linguistic alignment. Inspired by the Anglo-Saxon custom some locutions and concepts have been abbreviated and shown in detail in the glossary. Also each chapter’s main part and key words have been highlighted in bold.


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The law firm I work for specializes in business and commercial law. ⓘ This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. Il diritto commerciale è una branca del diritto privato. common law n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (legal system: custom) (diritto) di fatto, de facto

NOME DEL FILE Italian Business Law.pdf
ISBN 9788834858202
AUTORE Gabriele Varrasi
DATA 2015

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