About us

CAMFEED is coordinated by dr. Remo Reggiani and involves four research groups belonging to the Institute of Agricultural Biology and Biotechnology of the National Research Council (IBBA-CNR), Institute of Sciences of Food Production (ISPA-CNR),  Department of Environmental Science and Policy and the Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Milan (UniMi).

Project participants


Remo Reggiani
(Project leader)
Main research interests: analysis of the quality of the proteins in the seeds and meal, evaluation of antinutritional compounds in food and feed and development of analytical methods for the quantification of antinutritional compounds.
Email: reggiani@ibba.cnr.it


Main research interests: variety comparison and agronomic evaluation of industrial crops: Cannabis sativa (hemp), Linum usitatissimum (linseed) and Camelina sativa. Analysis of genetic variability using molecular markers.
Email: galasso@ibba.cnr.it


Ida Brambilla
Main research interests: plant physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology. The investigated plant species include several industrial crops such as flax, hemp and camelina..
Email: jatropha@ibba.cnr.it


Main research interests: plant physiology and biochemistry, with particular interest on plant hormones and adaptation to environmental stress.
Email: mapelli@ibba.cnr.it


Roberto Russo
CAMFEED fellowship
Main research interests: extraction and purification of plant proteins. Characterization of meals for animal feed. Analysis of anti-nutritional compounds and antioxidants in foods.
Email: russo@ibba.cnr.it


Elena Ponzoni
CAMFEED fellowship
Main research interests: molecular biology and biochemistry. Development of molecular markers for the identification and characterization of plant species in foods. Analysis of genetic variation using molecular markers.
Email: ponzoni@ibba.cnr.it



Main research interests: identification of markers for the characterization of traditional cheeses and DOP; analysis on the production and evolution of the volatile compounds in fermented foods as a result of the biochemical activity of the microbiota; analysis of the nutraceutical value of foods and how to implement it by means of inclusion in animal ration of plants / seeds contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.
Email: giovanna.battelli@ispa.cnr.it


Main research interests: food microbiology, molecular biology and characterization of bio-molecules. Advanced studies for the control of pathogenic microorganisms in food to improve the quality, safety and shelf-life.
Email: milena.brasca@ispa.cnr.it


Main research interests: characterization of anthocyanins and phenolic acids and antioxidant activity evaluation in plant products. Screening of lactic acid bacteria capable of reducing cholesterol and increasing the production of folic acid.
Email: clara.albano@ispa.cnr.it


Sara Pozzo
Main research interests: study of the nutraceutical value of food, characterization of fatty acids in different matrices, sensory analysis and volatile compounds, shelf life and food packaging studies.
Email: sara.pozzo@ispa.cnr.it



Main research interests: improvement of farming systems through the evaluation of the health, welfare and reactivity of animals raised in intensive and organic farming.
Email: valentina.ferrante@unimi.it


Main research interests: avian pathology, hygiene of poultry farming, studies on reducing the use of antimicrobials in livestock.
Email: guido.grilli@unimi.it


Main research interests: animal welfare, sustainability of animal production and their interaction with the environment, with particular focus on poultry and organic farming. Takes part in the dissemination of research results and communication of scientific initiatives for “Laboratorio di Benessere animale, Etologia applicata e Produzioni sostenibili”.
Email: lorenzo.ferrari@unimi.it


Susanna Lolli
Assegnista CAMFEED
Main research interests: Study of indicators of animal welfare in animals relevant in agriculture, both grown under conditions of organic agriculture as well as conventional conditions. Especially of poultry and milk cows.
Email: susanna.lolli@unimi.it